About me


I live in France, in the Loire valley, the region of royal castles like Chambord and Chenonceau.

I’m french (nobody’s perfect), so please be nice when you find syntax errors in my posts.

In more than 31 years of professional experience, I had the opportunity in my carreer to practice IT operations from the job of Mainframe operator in a middle-size Retirement Funding Institution to Change Practitioner (my present job) in a major IT Services company.

I’ve also been for two years a freelance consultant in IT networks (2000-2001). In parallel, during four years (2007-2011), I had the pleasure to teach “Communication” to IT students at the University of Blois, France, as a temparorary teacher in a partnership between the François Rabelais university and a major IT services company.

I’m currently a Change Practitioner in a major IT services company. It is a real opportunity for me to confront my “IT technician” profile with the most sophisticated device that ever existed, the human brain.

I do not consider myself as a methodology bigot neither a professor. My intention is to share some experiences and thoughts, and mostly to tell stories for I like to tell stories with, when it is possible, a dash of humour.